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Grandpa’s (also referred to as Thatha) stories and teachings:

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On Finding Peace and Strength

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When I Write

Why do you Write? Part 1 – Paying it Forward

Why do you Write? Part 2 – Finding Meaning

Writing is very Lonely Work

Writing to Heal and Open Up

To risk making a fool of yourself

What can you learn from some of the best writers in history?

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5 LIFE Changing Poems YOU Should Read

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Remember to Forget

Desiderata – Desired Things

Your children are Not Your Children

Dear Human: You’ve got it all Wrong

Yours is the Earth and Everything That’s in It

A time to be born, and a time to die

On Vanity of Human Toil

Time & Moments:

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On Waiting

Embrace‬ ‪the‬ ‪Metaphysical‬

Look at the Sun Rays

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Warm water of the Atlantic Ocean. Met my feet.

The Mindset to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

I would have bet Bolt hands down!

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Nostalgia Reminds us that some Beautiful Moments are Past Us

Moments eventually come to an End

Mad Rush through the Grocery Store Aisles


On Life

When all of Life seems Ablaze

Thoughts of a Weary Traveler

Life through a 8 year old’s eyes

Let me Lead a Purposeful Life

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We are all creatures of our Life Experiences

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Every Day Life is very Interesting

True Freedom in Life

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The Simple Pleasures of Life – Warm Sand

In reality, to live a happy life we need to know and practice very few skills

Isn’t Life about Second Chances?

On walking away from my Chariot

I would have bet Bolt hands down!

Right place at the Right time with the Right person

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Ambal’s Work Life

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On Wiping your Slate Clean

We are born with a clean slate.
No knowledge of ourselves.
No memories.
No worldly things.
No clutter.

Well mostly…nothing.
According to the Hindu believes, we all go through multiple births and carry our karma forward. But, let us not get into that discussion. Let us save that discussion for another day and time.

Today, let us focus on how we are all born with a clean slate and the subsequent happenings.

After we are born, we are given an identity.
Girl. Boy. Name.
We are told “Here is your hand. Here is your legs. Here is Dada. Here is Amma.”
As we call out Ma or Da…everybody around us rejoices.

We start hoarding memories in the biochemicals in our brain.
Our dear ones around us tell us – “These are your clothes. These are your toys.”

We grow up and put more stuff in our brains…without any garbage cleaning ever.
We start hoarding fat around our bodies.
We don’t purge.

Then, worst of all, we start hoarding things.
Car. House. Stuff in our drawers.

I want you to pause here.
Look around yourself.
Look at your house.
Look at your car.
Look at the pantry.
Look at the drawers.
Look at the cabinets.
Look inside yourself.

See the crap?
Do you see it?

We think it is ours.
Stuff..that we can’t take with us anywhere.
Let us assume….an earthquake hit us….a hurricane…can we take this stuff that lies all around us. Or, God forbid, death takes us.

The fancy furniture.
The fancy clothes.
The fancy bags.

Can we take all this stuff?
No. We can’t.

We might not even be able take to our most precious belonging….the people that we love.
We will have to leave everything behind when death overcomes us.

Ma. Dada. Our legs. Our hands.

Fire will take us over. Or the Earth.

We will be consumed.
We will be returned to dust.
Star dust.
Where we all started.

I urge you to think about this.
Declutter the clutter.
Around you and inside you.
Wipe the slate clean.

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5 real world stories on how Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are helping humanity

#1 On the wings of analytics

Aircraft manufacturers, like Boeing, Airbus and Embraer have been developing data driven technology to predict critical aircraft equipment remaining useful life. This data drive prediction technology has been disruptive from a safety perspective given that in the ideal scenario there would not be unscheduled maintenance or unforeseen failure events that could cause the occurrence of disruption occurrence affecting thousands of passengers flying over the world. Machine learning has been massively applied to flight data and failure history databases, in order to predict flight equipment degradation.

#2 I, robot lawyer

The advent of cognitive computing came up with new possibilities on the automation of activities that depends on the knowledge and experience of a human about a specific domain. Ross is an automatic question-answering system that allows lawyers to research in natural language (voice and texting) on tons of documents and get a passage of interest. Ross became the world’s first AI attorney.It is powered by IBM Watson, a cognitive computing platform that enables machine learning application on legal data.

#3 I, robot doctor

Watson, IBM cognitive computing platform, has been deployed to diseases diagnostics for cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This has been used mainly in US and also a recent initiative has been started in Brazil to recommend better treatment for cancer. Watson has been taught on those diseases symptoms from documents; tests have been successful in US. Watson learns and reviews its knowledge frequently based on verified and validated information from doctors, documents and books.

#4 AI and Breast Cancer

Imagine a 40-years old woman that realizes a lump in her breast. Her clinician takes a tissue sample and sends it to a pathologist.  Upon reviewing tissue sample pathologist will essentially define her future with their diagnosis, determining whether she has cancer or not. The work of pathologist is kind of like finding black cars on a city satellite image. Pathologists do this with tissue for hundreds of patients every day, looking for cancerous cells in each. Startups in US, Europe and China are developing AI-based technology, as AI-based image diagnosis, that assists pathologists in making rapid and accurate diagnoses for every patient, every time. That way patients can receive the best possible treatment and live the best possible life. AI-based technology is also building solutions to help identify patients that benefit from novel therapies, to make scalable personalized medicine a reality.

#5 AI to the rescue

Crisis management is an important issue for humans  who have to deal with natural calamities such as floods, inclement weather, earthquakes and so on. Intelligent systems to deal with events of crisis as aforementioned have been developed for institutes such as Fraunhofer to help in deployment of rescue resources for assistance, based on information from government about city occupation and infrastructure and information from social media on the occurrences. A derivative of crisis management is disruption management in airline operations, big companies as Sabre and Amadeus, along with startups as Masdima have been developing smart solution to help airline make decision whenever a disruption happens, taking into account passengers needs and resources availability such as crew, aircraft and airport.

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These are a few of my favorite Data Quotes

In God we trust. All others must bring data.
~ W. Edwards Deming, statistician

Data is the new oil.
~ Clive Humby

The world is one big data problem.
~ W. Edwards Deming, statistician

Data beats emotions.
~ Sean Rad, founder of Tinder

Data that is loved tends to survive.
~ Kurt Bollacker, Data Scientist

Data is the next Intel Inside.
~ Tim O’Reilly

Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it the samurai.
~ Jonathan Rosenberg

Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.
~ Charles Babbage,  inventor

No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data.
~ John Sculley

I’m a bit of a freak for evidence-based analysis. I strongly believe in data.
~ Gus O’Donnell, economist

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On 2 People Fending

Just 2 people trying to do what humanity has done forever.

That is what YOU do too.

That is what WE all do.

We get up.
We go about.
To fend (for ourselves, offspring, near and dear ones).

That is the plain vanilla version of the story of our lives. Don’t believe anything else that anybody else tells you. Because, they are just trying to spice the story up.

We get up.
We go about.
To fend.

That is it.

Quite amazing. Isn’t it?

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Who am I?

With my spiritual pursuit, over the last several decades, I am constantly asking myself questions like:
Who am I?
What is my purpose?

On the pragamtic dimension, here is the answer to the question for
“Who am I?”

I am possibly one of the best damn ******** there is.

I show up on time.
I carry precious cargo.
I speed when I have to in order to get my rides where they need to be.
I make interesting conversation along the way.

A driver.
A chaffuer.

That is who I am.

Who are you?

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